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GAIN SUPERB RESULTS thanks to our extra creativity

In our graphic design studio, we create high-quality graphic materials tailored to the client, brand, and project – without use of templates.

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GET IT DONE ALWAYS ON TIME – we are fast and reliable

Smaller tasks are usually done within hours. Looking for efficient communication and quick delivery? Ask what we can do for you!

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RECEIVE VIP TREATMENT as a returning customer

We appreciate our regular customers. Being one, you get lower prices, the highest service priority, and comprehensive support with advice.

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ENJOY EASY COOPERATION as we understand and advise

We listen to clients at every stage of the projects, ask relevant questions, and, thanks to experience and knowledge, find solutions.

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SIMPLIFY YOUR WORK: with us you can design everything

Order everything easily from the start of in one design company: we design whole brands, ads, publications, illustrations, promotional materials...

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YOU CAN RELY on our full professionalism since 2008

Success is guaranteed! For years, our design studio has been trusted by companies of all sizes & from various industries, NGOs, and individual clients. Such as:

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logo marek, ngo i instytucji klientów firmy Sudra Grafika


LOGO DESIGNS that help your Brand beat the competition

Building Brand Awareness is about being noticed, recognized, and remembered. A unique corporate image requires thoughtful vision with which to build a comprehensive visual identity. That's why every logo by our professional graphic studio carries apt meanings, the inspiration of which we describe in the branding portfolio.

LOGO DESIGN OFFER ❮ how we create the perfect logo designs?
LOGO DESIGN PORTFOLIO ❮ selection of 30+ projects with concept descriptions

logo guide ❮ complete analysis of good logo features
design process ❮ 3 case studies from brief to final corporate logo graphic

PACKAGING DESIGNS that appeal to the customer and emphasize product's value

Pretty things are valued more and bought more willingly. This is the case with everything from chewing gum to cars and houses. That's why we take care of the best possible design when designing labels, including creating visually appealing original illustrations. We know how to create a consistent design line and visually convey information important to the buyer. We send files of various formats of graphic programs ready for printing in the printing house.

PACKAGING GALLERY ❮ see 20+ projects with descriptions

ILLUSTRATIONS that decorate and uniquely speak to the viewer

Custom-made illustrations and key visuals guarantee an outstanding impression and provide graphic support for content. We specialize in various styles – tailored to the message, audience, and format of the publication. We are able to find the right concepts to illustrate the subjects. We are all artists graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.

ILLUSTRATION GALLERY ❮ dozens of series of works in different styles


The famous timeless Coca-Cola brand logo on an old building as an illustration of the qualities of a good logo Features of a Good Logo – a complete analysis

A guide to logo design, based on the analysis of many well-known brand examples.

Advecto's final logo as an example of the logo design process Logo Design Process for Advecto

How did we create a logo for a business partnership? From sketches to the final logo ready for all applications.

Final logo of fashion developer Fashion Shouse Group as an example of the logo design process, view on a branded bag Logo Design Process for Fashion House Group

How did we win a tender for the rebranding of a developer of well-known fashion outlets? An example of work without feedback from the client!

The final logo for the PureRein food brand as an example of the logo design process Logo Design Process for PureRein

How did we develop a logo for a healthy food producer? From sketches to the final logo on the website, packaging, etc.