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Logo Design for Advecto

Corporate Identity for a new brand that makes worldwide business easier.

final logo for logo for international Advecto business partnering company, simple round Earth globe world with continent slices of europe and south america

The challenge

Advecto is a new Polish-Brazilian company that introduces businesses from Europe and South America with each other. „Advecto” means „to import” in Latin. According to the brief, Advecto is trustworthy, professional, reliable and has a vast knowledge of exotic markets. Despite the international scope of services, the design brief advised avoiding imagery of a globe, as overused.

The solution

As you can see, the chosen solution has convinced the client, thanks to a strong concept, to break this presumption. The image of Earth has been reduced to a circle with two slices of continents, on which Advecto operates. Their shapes, directed at each other, display the mutual rapprochement of the markets, as Advecto’s services result. Round and strong lettering was chosen, matching the logo and evoking the desired trustworthiness.

I always start with researching the subject of the logo and competition logos. I ask the client some questions, that help me to learn about the brand and the client’s expectations and needs. Then I start drafting the ideas, often starting with a mind map of possible connotations.

Research and Drafting

Among motifs I explored were such as arrows, ships, sails, bridges, birds, the letter A etc. Some ideas were inspired by the client’s answers to my additional brief-helping questions. This design stage helps to browse fitting associations and sketch out graphic ideas. You can find some that turned directly into logo design propositions presented to the client.

advecto logo design case study draft concept sketches

After arriving with promising sketches, I redraw them digitally. Working at the computer, new concepts are also developed. I choose the ones (it’s not a set number) that are the best fit for the brand and look the best. If the client picks one, I develop it further. If none appeal to them enough, I work on new options, until we find the right one.

First round of logo design propositions

The subject was quite original, so I was able to come up with a nice range of different solutions relating to it. I tested out a variety of typefaces to see what would fit and what the client likes.

First we have a bridge that connects far away businesses. The dot above it marks the center of the connection and also converts the mark into a human figure, standing with arms wide spread - inviting and walking the long distance. The arc that stands for its legs reflects the curve of Earth. Additionally, the whole shape loosely resembles the letter A. The font is horizontal and dynamic, fitting the mark.

The second concept is a sabiá, a rufous-bellied bird symbolic of Brazil, mentioned by the client. A bird symbol references long distance travel, ease of flight – here: of doing business. They always know how to get to their far away destination and back. We worked on a neat shape, resembling a sabiá well.

Third, a big ship viewed from the front at sea level. A galleon is associated with journeys to other continents and transferring goods. The sails add airiness to the logomark. The division of the ship’s hull creates a upward arrow, symbolising progress available thanks to new business contacts.

Fourth is a camel, so another long distance traveling animal and a reference to caravans (again professional transfer of goods). It gives an exotic feel (which was mentioned in the brief). The shape is very simplified and similar to the letter A.

The last proposition is by far the simplest, a solid circle with two slices cut out. The concept was to show, in a more abstract way, the rapprochement of continents (their markets) as triangles – arrows in negative space against a blue circle representing Earth in the most basic way. Overall, I suspected this design might prove too basic for the client, but it ended up being chosen by the four deciding people.

When the logo design is chosen, I explore it, according to client suggestions. I also examine it myself to see if it can be improved in any way and if it is well constructed. Sometimes some new variants emerge.

Refining the chosen logo design

I was very glad that this concept was chosen. I firmly believe that most of the time the simplest marks are the best for a logo.

The client suggested a couple of things. Rotating the globe, which helped reflect the actual positions of continents in question, as well as bring a bit more interesting composition. Adding another colour (another shade of blue or green), to enliven the image. And he asked if I could come up with something to reinforce the meaning. I opted for incorporating the green continent slices and adding a gradient effect to add depth to the globe. I rarely use gradients for practical reasons and preserving simplicity but I found them very fitting this time.

advecto logo design case study presenting revisions, modifications according to client suggestions

final logo for logo for international Advecto business partnering company, simple round Earth globe world with continent slices of europe and south america

advecto logo design case study showing geometric construction of logo

Once the logo design is ready, I design the monochrome, negative and other needed versions. The client receives the vector logo files by e-mail. I develop the Logo Book (defining the construction, colours etc. of the logo), if ordered.

Monochrome version

The black and white version of this logo was, surprisingly, one of the most tricky ones to design. Going from colourful gradient-defined shapes to a single outline required multiple tries balancing the shape and outline sizes. The result works nicely and has the simplicity of the initial concept.

advecto logo design case study showing monochrome black linear logo version

Negative version

I took advantage of the globe concept to pair it with a universe blue background. I used a light cyan colour for the wordmark to shine like stars. The resulting image has a very modern feel. I made use of the light and negative variants in the corporate identity to highlight the international character of the company: when it is day in Europe, it is night in South America and vice versa.

advecto logo design case study showing negative logo version for use on dark backgrounds