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Rebranding Fashion House Group

A modern evolution of a logo for a developer company.

final geometric, colour, 3d logo design for fashion outlet developer Fashion House Group

The challenge

I have taken part in a tender against other design agencies to rebrand Fashion House Group. The old logo was very complicated and looked outdated. The client wanted to keep some connection to it, but was obviously looking for a new look and feel. Moreover, the logo was based on retail activity of the group and the Group was more about development and managing shopping centres.

The solution

The new logo was developed from a bold and surprising, albeit logical evolution of the old logomark. The abstract form of rising geometric solids invokes associations with both developer and operator activity of the Group. It references spatial dimension, development and growth. The colorful and multipart construction of the mark reflects the wide spectrum and multiple directions of FH Group’s activity.

old logo (not our)

previous old Fashion House Group logo

I always start with researching the subject of the logo and competition logos. However, when working on a rebranding, the main reference is the old logo. As we are looking for an improvement, I set out to find what were the weak points. But also what are the elements that should be kept, as most often there needs to be some continuity in the brand image.

Analysing the old logo

First of all the old logo was overly complicated, with many shapes, frames, different text alignment and awkward spacing. You’ve got start with the basics. In our case these would be the four colour shapes, the uppercase name and the dark green colour. As for that dark green, enclosing the logo in a double frame accounted for a feeling of limitation and the „plate” look made it appear dated. So the way would be to get rid of the frame and apply that colour to the wordmark. Generally, we arrive with something like this:

Fashion House Group logo design case study, rebranding starting with the basics

Usually, while designing a logo, I present a selection of design concepts for the client to choose from. If the client picks one, I develop it further. If none appeal to the client enough, I work with their suggestions on new options, until we find the solution. A tender is basically a competition, so you have to just get it right, with no feedback and revisions at this stage.

Designing the winner

As you can see, we have a starting point. It’s simple and clean, but not exciting at all. The winning logo design had to be spot on, original and just „wow” the client in some way. I have to admit I had a hard time coming up with a quality interesting solution with the base that was the old logo. I tried incorporating the letters „FH” into the colour shapes, simplifying it even more or making it a logotype with no logomark, like many of the client’s competition.

The final solution came to me out of the blue. It had the base in the simplified shapes, but it was nothing like my previous attempts. By expanding the colour shapes into another dimension I was able to achieve my goal. The „3D” shape with the translucent solids is interesting and appealing. It still has the strength of a simple mark, being about four shapes. And above that, it really communicates about the Fashion House Group. It speaks about growth, building and space. To present the concept, I have visualised the logo concept evolution from the old design.

Fashion House Group logo design case study, rebranding logo concept evolution from old to new

final geometric, colour, 3d logo design for fashion outlet developer Fashion House Group

When the logo design is chosen, I explore it, according to client suggestions. I also examine it myself to see if it can be improved in any way and if it is well constructed. Sometimes some new variants emerge.

Refining the chosen logo design

The design on the left is the first digital draft of the logomark. Center, is the actual finished logomark with refined geometry (straightened lines, unified angles) and colour scheme (more vibrant colours than in the old logo). Not only the mark itself is geometrically coherent, but the wordmark is also aligned to it precisely.

Fashion House Group rebranding logo design case study, initial draft of new logo mark
Fashion House Group rebranding logo design case study, final refined new logo mark
Fashion House Group rebranding logo design case study, geometric construction of logo

Once the logo design is ready, I design the monochrome, negative and other needed versions. The client receives the vector logo files by e-mail. I develop the Logo Book (defining the construction, colours etc. of the logo), if ordered.

Monochrome and negative version

The black and white version of this logo is an elegant linear monoline design. The negative version with white wordmark is preferably used with the dark green background (a configuration reminiscent of the old logo),

final geometric, linear, monoline logo design for Fashion House Group

final negative, geometric, colour logo design for Fashion House Group, for use on dark backgrounds