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healthy food brand logo design in use on packagingelectronics brand logo in use on video camera8 meter high logo for a shopping mall in outdoor use on glass facadelinear apiary logo design in use on honey packagingtypographic logotype design with custom lettering
healthy food brand logo design in use on packaginglinear apiary logo design in use on honey packaging
electronics brand logo in use on video camera8 meter high logo for a shopping mall in outdoor use on glass facade
typographic logotype design with custom letteringlogo design for fashion outlets developer

Stand Out by having a UNIQUE CONCEPT with MEANING

Building your Brand is about being noticed, recognized and remembered. To craft a remarkable one-of-a-kind image You need designful vision. All our logo designs carry a meaning, which we describe along with inspirations.

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logo design step one: discussing the brand personality and aims

We discuss the Brand

Fill out a simple form or let's go over it by email.

logo design step two: presentation of logo concepts and inspirations

You receive designs

Review our propositions for you – with inspirations described.

logo design step three: revision and refining of the chosen logo

We refine the chosen one

We introduce your suggestions plus our own improvements.

logo design step three: delivery of final files for use

Enjoy using your Logo!

You'll have all the logo files simply emailed to you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with UNLIMITED DESIGNS

How can you be certain that your budget on logo design will be well spent? If you aren’t sure about any of the initial (usually between 3-7) propositions, we’ll create additional designs, until you are fully satisfied. It’s that simple.

unlimited logo propositions for healthy food brand

multiple logo propositions for PureRein – a healthy food brand, designed at no additional cost

Exactly How You Want it with UNLIMITED REVISIONS

Why start with a design not refined to perfection? The cost of changing all the branded materials, later on, can be huge (the bigger the company). It only makes sense to get it right from the start and that’s what our unlimited revisions are for.

unlimited logo revisions example: the initial concept of logo for a physiotherapist
unlimited logo revisions example: first revision of logo for a physiotherapist
unlimited logo revisions example: second revision of logo for a physiotherapist
unlimited logo revisions example: final logo design for a physiotherapist
example of logomark evolution for a physiotherapist with 3 (of 7) revision stages shown

The Best Solutions brought by EXTENSIVE CREATIVE WORK

Capturing the meaning and devising the best form requires a lot of concept work. The more researching, looking for inspirations and visualizing ideas with sketching – the greater the chance to arrive at the best possible design.

even 556 sketches
for a single logo

Rebranding Company custom pencil design
logo design process from sketch to digital image
display of many concept sketches for a medical logo

Flawless Design needs PRECISE CONSTRUCTION

Imagine a crooked picture on a wall, a typo in ad text or a bad note in a familiar song. You get the notion – a minimal imperfection can ruin a whole experience. This is why we construct our designs with pure geometric precision.

precise logo construction: cuboids in 3d and careful logotype alignment

logomark made of cuboids in 3D and logotype aligned with their shapes
precise logo construction: using circumcircle of an equilateral triangle

simple symbol making use of the circumcircle of an equilateral triangle
precise logo construction: with intersecting circles

curved logomark made using circles creates a strong and balanced image
precise logo construction: apiary logo made with intersecting hexagons

apiary logo design cleverly based on 5 intersecting hexagons

Unique Branding requires OUTSTANDING TYPOGRAPHY

All of the below logotypes were constructed custom from scratch or customized. To truly differentiate from the competition, we design custom typography or use our huge and ever-growing (we have kind of an addiction) diverse collection of hand-picked highest quality commercial fonts.

custom lettering typographic font logo designs, logotypes and monograms

custom lettering typographic font logo designs, logotypes and monograms

Full Usability is granted by ADDITIONAL VERSIONS

Is there anything worse than an unusable logo? It is crucial that the design is vector to retain quality regardless of size. But there are uses, as shown below, that require more – like having a single color or negative logo version. You get those from us for free.

logo design embossed in glass
logo design printed in gold foil on black paper
gold foil stamping
logo design debossed in ceramics
logo design in negative version on packaging
negative version
logo design engraved in wood
wood engraving

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can check the FAQ for extra info or ask anything at jakubsudra@gmail.com.

When will I get the finished logo design?

A short, quite comfortable time for logo design is 2+ weeks. Usually, the more time is available, the better the possible results. On exception, we handle much shorter deadlines (2 days was our fastest).

Remember, one factor is how fast you give feedback. Moreover, a specific brief or logo concept suggestion can cut the time needed for the concept phase, if you're low on time.

How much does a logo design cost?

Currently, the prices are $1000 for the "Start-Up Friendly" package (with a limited number of concepts and revisions), $1500 for the "Complete Logo Service" package (which includes a Logo Book) and $3000 for the "Essential Brand Identity" package (that goes beyond just the logo). You can see the packages' descriptions as the second step in the Logo Order Form at top of this page. Custom Service is also available if the presented options don't fit your needs or budget. Overall You get big agency quality for a low freelance price.

How do I pay for the logo?

You can pay by PayPal, with a credit/debit card or by bank/wire transfer. We require a 50% deposit to start work and we transfer the final logo files and ownership rights upon completing the payment.

In what form will I get my logo design?

All the final logo files are sent by e-mail. You always get scalable vector files that retain quality at all times and raster graphics for easy (mostly digital) use.

Vector file formats: .eps, .pdf. Raster file formats: .png with transparent background and .jpg. We'll deliver any other file formats (or working alternatives), if needed.

What if I need more than a logo?

Good thinking! A brand image consists of more than a logo and it should be consistent. We'll be glad to help, as we have experience in crafting whole Corporate Identities. Just tell us what you need.

Do I get the rights to the created logo design?

That's the whole point of it. After completing payment you fully own the chosen logo design. Your new brand image is just yours.

What if I have my own idea for the logo?

Sure. When you present us with a specific idea, it allows us to spend less time on the conceptual phase and more on refining the logo design, so we're fine with that.

Bear in mind, however, that not every idea translates well into a logo – in which case we'll find a similar, fitting concept.

Can you just improve my existing logo?

Yes. We are skilled in analyzing existing designs. We can identify all the flaws in the logo and improve it in a big way.

What if I am not satisfied with the work?

We offer unlimited revisions and additional design concepts free of charge, so that shouldn't ever happen. But in such case, you could walk away, leaving just the 50% initial deposit (you don't own any of the presented designs though).

You Can Trust Us – we’re EXPERIENCED & EDUCATED

You can trust us with Your Brand. We have been creating logos professionally since 2008. Lead designer Jakub Sudra is a logo expert, with Academy of Fine Arts Master of Arts degree (Dean’s Award) and work experience with huge and little brands.



photo of Barack Obama
Barack Obama first
became president
photo of Paul Pierce in Boston Celtics outfit
Boston Celtics won
their last NBA Title
photo of Lady Gaga in 2008
Lady Gaga
just got famous

We have been designing logos for the following industries:
Apiary, Art, Business, Charity, Coaching, Consulting, Entertainment, Electronics, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Furniture, Hobbyist, Insurance, IT, Logistics, Marketing, Media, Medical, Music, NGO, Real Estate, Retail, Science, Sports, Training, Transport and other.